Online Security – IP Hider Vs Proxy Server


You’ve probably heard the term before. Anonymous surfing is the act of browsing the Internet wihtout revealing your identity to the rest of the online population. That means you are practically unknown in the eyes of the websites you’re visiting. This can be made possible by a server that acts as middleman between you and the site you’re viewing. With anonymous surfing, your online activities are identified with the IP address or unique network identifier of the middleman server you’re using and not your own. Thus, you are able to preserve your privacy.

If you think surfing with your identity hidden only works to protect the privacy of your online activities, you’re wrong. Anonymous surfing is actually a way for your to prevent online companies or hackers from spying on your information. This anonymity is especially beneficial for corporate, educational and government institutions that keep a lot of confidential information in their databases.

While the idea of having a proxy server sounds perfect in maintaining confidentiality of your files, it may not be fool-proof as a security tool. This is because data that leaves a user’s computer can still travel the Internet unencrypted. Banking information, for example, could be stolen by a proxy server administrator himself. This becomes particularly dangerous for the user who just might become too confident about his claimed anonymity without realizing the real risks to which his information is exposed.

When things come down to this, real problems begin. The worst scenario is, of course, the administrator stealing the information he is supposed to protect with his proxy website. Proxy servers are, therefore, not very reliable in terms of security, whether from the server’s administrator or the Internet as a whole.

The situation is not helpless, though. It is still possible for an Internet user to preserve his identity and online activities and that is by the use of an IP hider software which is a program designed to keep a user’s IP address hidden so when he surfs, nobody knows he’s actually there. Again, most people may have heard the term IP address without really understanding what it is and its role in online security.

An IP address is a series of numbers which uniquely identifies a computer when it goes online. When a user sends an email to another user, for example, the communication will happen between the IP addresses of the computers used by the sender and the receiver. That means the only link we have to the rest of the online world and vice-versa is our IP.

How does an IP hider help in online security? When you use an IP changer software, you won’t be exposing your IP address. You can still go online but you will be using a fake IP supplied by your software. Because this is so, any hacker out there who might be eying you as a target won’t be able to let his plans prosper because he won’t find a way to your computer. And it’s all because have not exposed your real IP.


Source by Brad M Smith